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It Can Be Well With My Soul

Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Training

Selected Sundays, Summer, 2016.  6:00 - 7:30 p.m.  


Trainer: Pastor Green

Biblical Discipleship: Teaching and Admonishing One Another

We are all fallen, finite, fallible, and flesh.  And consequently, we experience the brokenness that comes from such a condition.  Yet, we are called to extend hope and healing to one another.  So the question comes, "How can I bring help and healing to others when I am so bruised and broken myself?" 

There is a path and a process—provided by Jesus—that moves us from brokenness to wholeness, from emptiness to fullness, and equips us to help one another on the journey we all must travel.  

This training, and its implementation, is vital to the health of the church.  It is required for all community and small group leaders and a necessary part of our overall strategy for ministry.     

The first two sessions were held in July.  The third session was held August 7th. Session #4 was held Sunday, August 21st.  If you missed any of the sessions or need to review, you can get a summary of that instruction from the videos available below.  A General Introduction, and Summaries of the first three sessions on Church-based Biblical Counseling:  Session 1: The Four Essential Components, Session 2: The Six Fundamental Principles and Session 3: The 2 Necessary Engagements.  While there is no video for Session 4, that gathering was a continuation of the principles of Session 3, and the expanded notes with answers to all the sessions are available below. 

The handouts for the training are also available from this page and are necessary to fully benefit from the instruction.  You can download them from the links below.  The Handout for Session 3 includes the answers to Sessions 1 and 2.  And the Handout for Session 4 includes the answers to Sessions 1, 2, 3 & 4

Biblical Counseling and Discipleship Training Videos


Select the video you want to watch.  Download the companion handouts listed above.