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F.R.O.G.  …the Meaning

Acrostics are helpful memory devices, enabling us to recall phrases and sayings that are meaningful or important to remember.  Frequently, common words are enlisted for this purpose.  Such is the case with word, FROG, a simple, four-letter, single-syllable noun, primarily associated with a tailless amphibian creature with a short squat body, moist smooth skin, and very long hind legs for leaping.  But when used as an acrostic, it provides a deeply meaningful and encouraging exhortation:  Fully Rely On God.  

Fully completely or entirely, to the furthest extent

Rely depend on with full trust or confidence

On… in contact with so as to be supported by

Godthe Supreme Being, the Creator and Ruler of the universe.  (There's a whole Book on Him!) 


F.R.O.G.  …the Story behind the Meaning

No one knows exactly who the first person was to come up with the acrostic.  Nor who was first to hand out little plastic frogs (perhaps like the one you received) as reminders of this truth.  But here is the story of how our pastor was introduced to the whole frog thing, and how it was passed on to him:

The short answer is, my Dad.  I learned it from him.  

The long answer…

My father was a pastor, a church planter, and a campus pastor & vice president at a Christian University.  But most importantly, he loved Jesus and loved people, and he wanted them to know Jesus and how much Jesus loved them.  He first was introduced to the frogs on a visit to the dentist.  This dentist loved Jesus too, and would give out these little, various-colored plastic frogs to his patients (and others), and tell them the meaning of the F.R.O.G - fully rely on God.  

My father thought it was a great idea and began to incorporate it into his ministry wherever he traveled, which he did extensively.  Over the years he added a couple of nuances to the phrase as personalized his presentation, some of which I have adopted as well.   He would often encourage people to put them on the dashboard of their vehicle, and then humorously add, "If you go over the speed limit, it will jump out of the window!"  

But the most important variation is this:  If you add an "s", and make it "frogs", it becomes "Fully Rely On God's Son", because the only way to truly know and come to God is through His Son, Jesus Christ.  That is the gospel.  And that is what the Apostle Peter said to the leaders of his day: 

"And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” —Acts 4:12

I always have a frog in my pocket (or 3 or 4), to give out as well as to remind myself to fully rely on God.  I have given out hundreds of them over the years and hope to give out hundreds more to add to the countless number that my father gave out in his lifetime.  Oh, and my mom continues my father's legacy as well, giving out those little plastic frogs every chance she gets.  

So, the question is…   do you FULLY (completely and entirely to the furthest extentRELY (depend on with full trust or confidenceON (so as to be supported byGOD (the Creator and Ruler of the Universe)?

If not, what is stopping you from taking this most important leap—from trusting in anyone or anything else to trusting in Him?

I am so glad that you not only visited this page, but read to the end.  If you make one more visit, we have something special for you at our Welcome Desk.  Just make a visit to Cedar Hill for a Sunday morning service at 10:45 a.m. and then present this coupon in print (print & cut it out) or digital form (on your smart device) to the host or hostess and they will make sure you receive it.