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Sunday Schedule

Bible Study: 9:30 am
Worship Service: 10:45 am


LifeGroup Ministry Resources

For Leaders and Ministry Team Members

First Pilot Date: Sunday, June 24, 2018 - 6:00-7:30 p.m.

The Packets of Materials for ALL future LifeGroups are available for pick up in the office.  

All Packets include the following:

1. Handouts to Accompany the Video Teaching and Discussion  (25)

2. Two Handouts with Answers for Facilitator(s)  (2)

3. Follow-up Thank You Cards to Give Out at the End of the Evening.  (25)

The Packets of Materials for Week 2 also include the following:

1. Name Tags  (25)  To be used just one more week (or as desired)

2. LifeGroup Program Overview (2) - Provided previously.

3. LifeGroup PreFlight Checklist (4) - Provided previously.

The Videos (1080p mp4 files) for the all the sessions are available for download on Pastor's Vimeo page at the following sequential locations:






The passwords for videos 2-5 are the one anothers that are the focus for that particular session (all one word lowercase): For #2 - care.  For #3 - pray.  For #4 - serve.  For #5 - forgive.  

Alternately, if you have difficultly downloading the files, they are embedded below and can be played from this webpage, assuming you have a good internet connection.   Also, a copy of the file can be requested on a Flash Drive if desired.  

The first video was longer due to the introduction to the overall LifeGroup program.  Session 2 is approximately 15 minutes.  Sessions 3 and 4 are approximately 11 minutes.  And the 5th and final session is approximately 18 minutes.  

The Teacher/Facilitator Notes (with answers) are in the packets.  PDFs of those notes are also available for download below

Thank you for your ministry!  Contact Todd Conley should you have any difficulties or questions.

Files & Links

Summer 2018 LifeGroup Videos

Life Group #1 - 06.24.18 - Love One Another

Life Group #2 - 07.08.18 - Care for One Another

Life Group #3 - 07.22.18 - Pray for One Another

Life Group #4 - 08.05.18 - Serve One Another

Life Group #5 - 08.19.18 - Forgive One Another